Is We Evolve for You?
The questions below characterize We Evolve's commitment to supporting you in bringing your organization more fully to life.
  1. 1
    Is your organization feeling unclear where to focus its energy, wanting to do more without stretching too thin, or observing employees "going through the motions" rather than experiencing work as energizing?
  2. 2
    Are changes in the world shifting your organization's capacity to do "business as usual?" Are you driven to adapt or evolve your organization to be a leader in the field in the years ahead & create greater benefit for community?
  3. 3
    Designing Change Initiatives
    Is your organization ready to evolve & aware of its untapped potentials but needs some support identifying high leverage change initiatives and new strategic possibilities that are sustainable & transformative?
  4. 4
    Adaptive Leadership
    Does your organization face complex challenges that you, as a leader, do not know how to address and that you imagine will require your organization collectively learning new ways forward together?
  5. 5
    Collaborative Culture
    Do you want to create a more collaborative organizational culture that draws on the wisdom of your organization as a whole all while completing the every day work of your organization?
  6. 6
    Creativity & Innovation
    Do you sense that your organization is caught in habitual patterns in your interactions? Do you want to transform your capacity to be creative & generate new ideas as an organization?
  7. 7
    Do you need practical examples of how award-winning organizations have begun embodying principles of sustainability, democracy, & freedom in revolutionary ways within their organization?
  8. 8
    Do you sense your organization is stuck in some way but aren't sure how to get things moving forward? Are you committed to looking internally to see how you might be influencing what is stuck & making the necessary changes?
  9. 9
    Principles of Life
    Do you love the living world and want to explore how you can model your organization's processes, practices, structures, products, and partnerships off of features of healthy, living systems & nature's design?
Imagining & creating what you love;
working with what you have.

Problems Are Often the Solution. Everything Works Both Ways.
Let's play together at creating the world we know to be possible.