"When Molly facilitates, she brings out the inner leader in everyone who comes to the table because of her ability to share the space, her responsiveness to ideas, and the deft way she delegates. Molly can turn on a dime; when she facilitates, she acutely reads the room, detects the shifts that happen, and responds accordingly. Molly is a joy to think with; she is alive to ideas, multiple perspectives, and nuance.  When I work with her, I come away with a deeper understanding of the issues at hand and the complexities of the process of change."

Barbara Waxman, Paragon Consulting

Our strategic planning retreat today was fabulous! The entire board became so motivated. You helped them achieve direction and lit a fire under them. THANK YOU!! 

Denise Constanten
Executive Director, Brigadoon Service Dogs​​

"Molly has advanced training in facilitating systems thinking into organizational change. Having Molly at [our non-profit] is like having problems with your typewriters in the mid-1980s when you have a young Apple Computer designer on your team. Not only are the principles of systems thinking deeply congruent with [our non-profit's] move towards more collaborative forms of governance and operations, systems thinking also provides a replacement for the old, mechanistic command & control approach to getting things done. Working alongside Molly has great potential for creating deep, lasting, systemic change."

Adam Ward,
Marketing Consultant & Non-Profit Volunteer

Molly’s approach to working through change was intentional, inclusive, encouraging, and genuine. This is a game-elevating approach as it requires high levels of intellectual and emotional engagement. It can be unsettling for people who are not accustomed to the frank exchange of ideas in a climate of mutual trust and respect. However, for those with the motivation and courage to engage with this work, it will certainly be a transformative and beneficial experience. Working with Molly encouraged me to engage with the discomfort associated with unpacking unexamined habits of thought, and then respond authentically to the insights that emerged from that unpacking. I found working with Molly to be highly rewarding as our collaborations led me to evolve a “leadership” style that aspires to be inclusive in formulating responses to challenges, frank and encouraging in communication of expectations, and conscientious in matching actions to professed ideals. I have no doubt that Molly was a catalyst in encouraging that evolution, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her.
Spencer Anthony-Cahill,
Former President, WWU Faculty Senate

"I love working with Molly because she is honest and speaks out of a deep core of integrity.  Molly has a keen intelligence that allows her to survey the macro and micro simultaneously as she apprehends the systems and patterns at work. She is always willing to lean into difficult situations or questions.  Molly listens deeply & openly. She questions in ways that make me pause and reflect in a new way about dilemmas.  She doesn't take the easy path ever. Molly is courageous, direct, open, authentic, imaginative, a brilliant conceptualizer, open, & visionary. Working with Molly is to be invited into the openness, integrity and care she brings into the space to face often difficult conversations, tasks, dilemmas." 

Rosalie Romano, Associate Professor 

"Molly holds a large vision of what can be, - all the potential that could be tapped to support our beautiful planet & world. She generates ideas quickly & spontaneously, sees the big picture and brings a fresh & creative approach to brainstorming & problem solving. She naturally knows how to make the world a better place, - and how to make changes in the world easily & effortlessly through systems & structures. Thinking outside the box, not being satisfied with what is, but holding a passion for more ... is one of her gifts."
Marguerite Johnson, Soulwork

"​Molly Ware has the very unique ability to make people comfortable engaging in almost any type of discussion.  Her conversational leadership is almost transparent, but she encourages, inspires, and simply "gets" people to participate in productive and collegial ways.  Whether it is one-to-one discussions, coordinating group conversations, or planning with others about how to frame and structure sometimes difficult and seemingly impossible large topics, Molly shows the patience and stakeholder understanding to facilitate productive exercises and activities.  Her leadership acumen has been honed by immense research and reading, genuine interest in helping people identify how change might be realized, and by a contagious enthusiasm for moving forward. I have very much enjoyed and valued the opportunity to work with her."

Brent Carbajal  

"Molly is one of the most innovative educators with whom I have worked. She is continually reflecting on how to better her practice and the program as a whole. She is adaptive and responsive to those she works with and can facilitate groups with extremely diverse needs and ideas. Molly is an extremely effective facilitator and continually models listening to really hear others' thinking. She has extensive experience working with groups undergoing significant change and renewal and she consistently ensures all voices are really heard and finds ways to effectively connect and address differing ideas."
Kirsten Jensen, 
WWU Field Partnership Coordinator

Our organization had recently experienced many major changes. Both the director and the board felt we needed to gather and have a strategic planning meeting to define our roles and responsibilities, create goals for the organization and create a path for working together. At first we were at a loss on how to tackle this project. Molly provided us with many resources, was our facilitator and assisted us with collaborative planning.  She supplied us with a brief board survey to assess organization and see openings for change. This process was extremely valuable in enhancing the leadership skills specifically needed for this particular organization for both the director and board and helped us unite under a more defined mission recognizing a strategy for specific pathways to follow.
Molly put in so much energy with our Board and staff. She worked with us as individuals, doing everything she could to ensure our success…I believe we became a more effective and cohesive group because of our work together.

Dana Hanks
Board Chair, Brigadoon Service Dogs​​

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