For thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, teams, non-profits who strive for financial sustainability, & for-profits who value social & environmental good.
  1. Thought-Partnering
    For change leaders who want strategic support navigating dynamics of change? I listen & strategize alongside you.
  2. Adaptive Facilitation & Professional Development
    Support based on real-time needs, interests, & questions. I create the container that propels you in your work together.
  3. Strategic Planning
    Step out of the old mold & into the future by exploring new trends, prototyping new approaches, & prioritizing action.
  4. Organizational Assessment
    Listening to the pressing questions & sense of what's possible across your organization to design future pathways
  5. Idea Generation & Strategic Design
    I work with you to design transformative initiatives strategically. Social good + Environmental good + Profit.
  6. MultiStakeholder Sessions
    Who's in the room? Facilitating conversations with diverse stakeholders to tap into collective need & opportunity.
Imagining & creating what you love;
working with what you have.

Problems Are Often the Solution. Everything Works Both Ways.
Let's play together at creating the world we know to be possible.