Relevant Experiences
Experiences from my 16+ years working as a change leader in complex organizations. 
Social Enterprise
How can business work for social and environmental good? How can the great work non-profits do in community be sustained financially?
Innovation & Change ​                      How do we unleash change that lasts & creates healthy, thriving, resilient cultures within our organizations? How can organizations embody a culture of innovation & structure innovation for organizational integrity?

  • ​Executive Certificate in Social Impact Strategy through U Penn 
  • Community Economic Development Certificate through Simon Fraser University​ 
  • Work with local non-profit to address financial shortfalls while using these challenges to support the organization in developing a more collaborative culture, stronger partnerships, adaptive programming in response to diverse stakeholder needs, & bold goals with impact metrics.
  • Various coursework through WA Nonprofits on non-profit finance, legal considerations, governance, grant writing, etc.
  • Service on non-profit boards & led university-wide governance body.
  • WWU IDEA Institute Program Manager & Leadership Team which involved supporting strategy development to scale the organization, generating budgets & marketing materials, & worked to create a platform to support social entrepreneurs in growing the local entrepreneurial ecosystem through community learning experiences.
  • Taught courses on Unleashing Change in Your Organization, Designing & Leading Change, Unleashing Innovation in Meetings, Making Change Happen, etc.
  • Led change strategy team with high level multi-division team in a complex organization
  • Design thinking coursework through IDEO U.  
  • 9 years working as a change agent, educational & systems innovator, & cultural creative at Western Washington University both in the Department of Secondary Education & university-wide (e.g. Faculty Senate).
  • Collaboratively designed and piloted a small program that served as a catalyst for cultural transformation in Secondary Ed.
  • Conducted listening sessions to determine emergent openings for cultural transformation campus-wide
  • Created collaborative processes to engage multiple stakeholders in meaningful actions intended to deepen consciousness & transform culture 
  • Actively re-framed and translated new cultural value system in ways that  colleagues and students within the old cultural value system could "hear."
  • Conducted research on how students and colleagues experienced the transition from one cultural framework to another & on how those who "wanted to do things differently within the system" were both successful & unsuccessful in their efforts.

Adaptive Leadership
What kind of leadership is necessary to address the unprecedented, complex, & interconnected challenges of our time?
  • Faculty Senate President at Western Washington University
  • Leading Together Award from Simon Fraser University 
  • Collaborative development & facilitation of university-wide sessions aimed at transforming programs & campus culture 
  • Regular facilitation of large group meetings
  • Public speaking & campus-wide written communication
  • Creatively working with & listening to diverse stakeholder groups to generate powerful responses to complex challenges
  • Designed systems to support teams in piloting innovations & processes that allowed these to interface with day-to-day organizational operations. 
  • Extensive working knowledge and application of current transformative & ecological leadership models including Ron Heifetz's adaptive leadership and Peter Senge's system leadership.
  • Participated in Leading Sustainable Transformation workshop by the Society for Organizational Learning.
  • Completed a Women's Leadership 4-month Intensive program on systems dynamics, authority, roles, addressing root causes, etc.
  • Designed systems to assess organization-wide needs, interests, & capacity and utilized this information to frame leadership agenda.
  • Taught courses on assessment, planning, technology & education, evaluation, etc.
  • Designed courses in response to dynamic & diverse needs of public school partners.
  • Participated in Impact Hub's Cities Solutions Laboratory.
Social Justice                              How do we transform systems, organizations & relationships so they can become a force for healing, empowerment, and community building across difference, - so they can demonstrate what's possible?
  • Taught Educational Equity Seminar
  • Co-chaired college Equity & Diversity Committee
  • Extensive university-wide work in support of equitable educational outcomes across difference including leading campus-wide dialogues with faculty, staff, students, & administration to identify points of challenge & opportunity in imagining a better way forward.
How do we embody the ecological within and beyond organizations?
How do we set conditions that support transformative learning, - essential if we are to rapidly adapt to a changing world?
  • B.S. in Biology; M.Ed. & Ph.D. in Science Education
  • Middle school environmental & earth science teacher for 5 years
  • Deep working knowledge of principles of ecology and how these can be embodied within organizations towards healthy, thriving systems. 
  • Adjunct science professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies where I have taught an Urban Agriculture class to adults & where I am developing a course called The Ecology of Change.
  • Economics of Sustainability coursework through Pinchot University MBA Program.
  • 16+ years of teaching experience - 9 years of formal teaching at the university level using experiential & practical approaches5 years of public school classroom teaching 
  • Extensive work with a wide variety of students in very different contexts (international; adult learners returning for Bachelor's degree; Master's students; etc.)
  • Deep working knowledge of varied & creative pedagogical approaches & methodologies intended to support groups in experiencing transformative learning
  • Highly adaptive & responsive to emergent needs & opportunities as an educator
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy
Imagining & creating what you love;
working with what you have.

Problems Are Often the Solution. Everything Works Both Ways.
Let's play together at creating the world we know to be possible.