The We EVOLve Business Model
How do we build businesses that support our collective transformation, healing, enjoyment & well-being alongside generating financial stability? I see this model as one small step in that direction, - one that will be constantly evolving as I learn more in my work with you and through my own exploration in the world. I read this line at the beginning of one of David Abram 's works and it hasn't left me since: This work is dedicated "to the endangered & vanishing ones." It is my greatest hope that we can more intentionally support the well-being of the diversity of life in all its forms for generations to come.

Consulting Work

Work in service of the Earth

My business model operates on a sliding scale. Projects can either be priced out hourly or I can arrange package deals for large-scale projects. The base rate on my sliding scale goes towards my salary; anything clients pay above and beyond the base rate helps to fund projects  aimed at preserving the natural world. 
We EVOLve supports localized, innovative projects designed to strengthen our connection with the planet and preserve the beauty & wildness of the natural world. Funding either directly supports localized projects or supports me in consulting on projects that need and want creative support but don't have the financial means to pay for this support.
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Current Projects
Imagining & creating what you love;
working with what you have.

Problems Are Often the Solution. Everything Works Both Ways.
Let's play together at creating the world we know to be possible.