About Molly

Molly Ware, Ph.D., brings numerous strengths & skills to her work with you. In addition, you can view her relevant experiences here .
  • More than 15 years experience creatively collaborating to transform systems, - small & large -  and organizational culture in ways that create more dynamic, creative, connected, thriving organizations.
  • A strong capacity to generate and adapt creative solutions in ways that work with 1) an organization's assets, identity, & existing resources, 2) the dynamic context of today's world, and 3) those values most important to the organization.
  • Big picture thinking, creativity, and practicality.
  • A deep love for collaborating with others to get "un-stuck" in order to realize untapped potential & possibilities.
  • Use of systems thinking to generate solutions that 1) are viable long-term, 2) address interconnected challenges, and 3) contribute to healthier relationships within organizations.
  • An assets-orientation
  • A strong capacity to work with contradictions to create unexpected synergy and stronger systems.
  • An orientation towards building critical connections and networks to increase engagement & collaboration across the organization.
  • A passion for assessing and strengthening both organizational processes and structures.
  • Use of creative methodologies to help individuals and groups enter generative spaces together by breaking out of habitual patterns of thinking/interacting.
  • Facilitating work that supports groups in developing shared commitment & energy.
  • Deep understanding of how assessment and feedback systems can keep organizations dynamic and continuously improving.
  • A strong working knowledge of how to support individuals & organizations through the transition associated with the change process.
  • Powerful listening & questioning that help you clarify what you really want and shift perspectives.

  • Quickly able to take complex, multifaceted information and frame/structure it in ways that support groups in seeing previously invisible patterns & connections, in turn strengthening groups' capacity to move forward.

  • Strong adaptive leadership skills, - leadership that supports groups in learning new habits & ways of being (adapting) in response to complex challenges that require our collective evolution, rather than application of existing strategies and approaches.   
  • A fun, energizing, curious, open, and inspiring personality.
  • A strong capacity to support change processes that are enjoyable & connecting rather than hard & divisive.
Imagining & creating what you love;
working with what you have.

Problems Are Often the Solution. Everything Works Both Ways.
Let's play together at creating the world we know to be possible.